A week in the life of the average property buyer

What does a typical week look like for the average buyer?

Let’s assume you are working during business hours and get home late afternoon. On Thursday and Friday night you start planning your open homes schedule for the weekend. Generally you’ve got 5hrs between 10am -3pm on Saturday to fill up. And maybe a few hours on Sunday for the few Agents who decide to do an open on a Sunday.

So there goes 2 evenings of your time. Now to the main day – how to fit them all in?  I‘ve mapped out the route but I can’t start until 10.30am due to taking the kids to soccer So there goes the first house. Hope it wasn’t a good one. Now it becomes a mad rush from one home to the next. Plans have to work like clockwork or you end up missing the home at 1pm.

Right, first house – looks nothing like the internet picture – it didn’t appear to be on such a steep hill. Since I’m here we’ll look anyway. Not really suitable so let’s keep going. Back in the car -Damn, the kids have to stop for a toilet break and i’ve got to drive 10mins out of the way to the closest public toilet.

Back on track but the next house is not much good. However the agent says he’s got something I might like – come along to the house I’ve got open at 3pm. Okay, add it in to the schedule. Right, let’s move. Off to the next. I’m either early or he’s late – at 10past 2, where’s the Agent. He’s messing with my schedule! Can I afford to wait – I’ve now got 2 to see at 3pm. Oh, here he is. I’ve only got 20mins maximum here or I won’t have time to drive to the next place. Rush in, look, rush out…sound familiar?

So I made it to the last 2 at 3pm – the one the agent got me to come to was nothing like what I asked. What a waste of time.

Get home exhausted and try to recall and compare each of the houses. Maybe I should go back and see house 3 again. I try to call the agent from House 3, but he doesn’t answer. No return call either.

Back to the start of the week. Monday morning I get a text from 1 agent asking if I liked the house? Nice personal touch. A second agent phones me, but not the one I wanted. No contact from the other 3. I feel like I’m back where I started last week.

Does any of this have a familiar ring to it?

What Benefits can we Offer?

  1. You get your weekends back
  2. You’ve briefed us so we search for houses that suit. You save the time visiting all those where the internet ad left out the things you needed
  3. Once we find a few suitable houses, we will arrange for you to see them and hopefully your choices get narrowed down faster.
  4. You only have to deal with us as your personal agent and we will return your calls!
  5. Once the right property is found, we are professional negotiators so we will secure the property at the right price or know when to walk away

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