What does our BUYERS AGENT service offer?

SC Buyers Agents are focused purely on the Sunshine Coast property Market. If you are buying property on the Sunshine Coast – whether it is for the first time, to upsize, relocate, retire or invest, it can be a stressful and time consuming experience. Traditionally buyers spend many hours searching real estate websites and attending many open homes only to find the house was not appropriate or the asking price was too much. All this can be avoided by using a buyer’s agent to search, evaluate, find and negotiate a property on your behalf.

"Our Sunshine Coast market knowledge combined with prioritising which properties fit your criteria can narrow the search faster. "

Sunshine Coast Property Buyers Agent

The team at SC Buyers Agents take in pride working for the buyer only. We have no vested interest in the property being sold which means you receive an unbiased opinion on whether this property is right for you.

This is the complete opposite to a sales pitch from a Sellers Agent. With property usually being your biggest financial investment, we remove the worry and help reduce the risk by giving you expert knowledge of the Sunshine Coast property market.

This page should answer some of the common questions as to why you would want to use a buyers agent, such as…

"Finding the right property is not luck - we just know where to look!"

Buyers Agent Vs Sellers Agent

What is the Role of a Buyers Agent?

In simple terms, a Buyers Agent works on your behalf to secure the right property, as quickly as possible and at the best price that can be negotiated for you.

We are Licensed Real Estate Agents who are Independent

We hold a real estate license issued by the QLD Government Dept. of Fair Trading in the same way a sellers agent does. However, as independent Buyers Agents, we do not sell properties. Nor do we work on commission or have any affiliations with developers or sales agents.

We are paid by you, the buyer, to be completely independent and have no vested interest in the property being sold. This means you receive an unbiased opinion on whether this property is right for you, not a sales pitch.

Sunshine Coast Buyers Agent working for you

Our role is to start with your needs in mind. We gain a detailed and thorough understanding of our buyer’s requirements. We then combine your needs with Our market knowledge to present properties that fit your criteria and narrow your search faster. We will then negotiate the best price and deal for you, no matter who the seller is.

We Remove the Pressure and Emotions

We know your budget and aren’t swayed by emotion or pressure from the Sellers Agent.
This contrasts with a sellers’ agent who will only have a limited number of properties for sale and will try to convince you that one of these is exactly what you are looking for.

Why use a Buyers Agent when I could do it myself?

You’ve just had a terrific holiday in Mooloolaba or Noosa and you returned home and deciding, YES, I want to live here. While on holidays you spent time enjoying the beaches, going for walks or visiting the hinterland. But where do you begin looking for a house?

Here's our top 10 reasons why a Buyers Agent will help you...

Which suburbs on the Sunshine Coast will suit me?

Web sites such as Real Estate and Domain are the usual places to start. But in a region almost as vast as Sydney, where do you start your search to find the best suburb and suitable house on the Sunshine Coast?

If you start with the areas you know from your visit, you are missing out on the other great suburbs that are not commonly known to visitors.

Is the web presentation designed to show all the facts?

Properties on the internet are photographed and presented to sell. It is just as important to examine what is not on display. For example a property web picture shows a view of the ocean, but the picture not taken is the view of the main road below.

A property presentation can be misleading and can waste hours visiting unsuitable properties.

Is a Sellers agent going to offer real advice?

Should I start calling all the real estate agents on the Sunshine Coast? This is another avenue taken to find a place to live.

However, the real estate agent is going to direct you to the listings they currently have. These are houses that may or may not fit your criteria in suburbs you know nothing about.

Also consider that a real estate agent’s job is to represent the seller and obtain the highest price for the seller!

Logistics of organising property viewings on the Sunshine Coast

Visiting the Sunshine Coast to view properties can be logistically difficult. This is made harder if you only have a limited timeframe. It can be frustrating trying to organise viewing as many houses as you can, when phone calls are not returned by real estate agents.

We negotiate for a living

NEGOTIATION – How often do you negotiate a property deal worth hundreds of thousands – if not millions of dollars? The average person negotiates buying a property roughly every 7 – 9 years.

Real estate agents are professional sales agents and do this for a living. What are the odds of you negotiating the best price when they do this everyday and get paid based on their negotiating skills?

Sales Pressure

Are you comfortable being pressured by a sales agent to increase your offer or bid by more money than you earn in a month or even a year?

As professional negotiators we aim to negotiate a better price than an individual buyer as we take the emotion out of the equation.

Will I miss something from not knowing the region?

Missing asking the important questions – Buyer’s not from the area often don’t know the questions they should ask. Property owners moving from Sydney or Melbourne are likely to not even consider things like flooding or tidal issues.

Maybe you have heard in the media that the Sunshine Coast property market is growing and you think this is a great opportunity. But where do you start?

Does Google know the Sunshine Coast?

Google “best suburbs on the Sunshine Coast” is another way to explore other points of view. However the information offered on chat forums tend to be unreliable and based on an individuals experience that is unrelated to you.

You are the expert in what you do.

Nowadays, we employ people to clean our house, mow our lawns, even to wash the dog. This leaves you time to do what you do best.

Be it working to earn more money or enjoy your lifestyle. We are here to let you keep your time for yourself and avoid the frustration of spending every weekend for months on end looking at properties

Our Services...

SC Buyers Agents are here to find your dream home or investment property. Our goal is to ensure it suits your lifestyle requirements and is purchased at the right price.

We can either conduct a full property search or if you have already found the perfect property, ask us to bid or negotiate for you. This gives you two benefits. First, we will complete a property analysis and second, this can take the emotion out of the purchase process. These two steps are to ensure you don’t overpay.

Learn about what our full property search involves and how we can help you find a property faster.

Found your dream property but don’t like the pressure of bidding at Auction. Not sure how much you should bid?

Buyers Agent Fees - How much is our service worth?

Buying a property is usually the biggest transaction you are likely to make. Having professional representation by a Sunshine Coast buyers agent who has local market knowledge will help you save time and money when searching for a property. Not to mention the benefit of not having to deal with a sellers agent!

We always want to know what something costs when we search. Our customers deserve the same courtesy. Our Buyers Agent service fees represent great value considering the costs they help you to avoid.


SC Buyers Agents are a leading Sunshine Coast Buyers Agency. We search property for sale on the Sunshine Coast. If you are looking for a buyers agent sunshine coast ask SC Buyers Agents