Auction Bidding or Negotiation Only

If you are at the point of having found your dream property, then make sure you are armed with the best advice. You’ve done all the hard work but you are not sure where to go from here. How do I secure this property?

For Sale by Auction – Auction Bidding Service

This is not as simple as just turning up on the day with your maximum bid figure in mind and place bids on your behalf. No. Prior to bidding at auction we would do a market appraisal of the property so we know what a realistic sale price will be.

We wouldn’t feel right if we took your money then missed out because you are searching in the wrong area or the property is outside your budget. Nor would we feel right just bidding to win at any cost so we could collect a fee.

We will spend the time beforehand to review both your situation and the value off the property. This will ensure that when we attend the auction we know 2 key factors

  1. Your price limits and
  2. The property value.

The unknown is the competition on the day, but having prepared beforehand, you can be sure that we have thought through our options. That way, at the completion of the bidding, whether you are the new owner or not, you will be comfortable you have made the right choice. You don’t want the adrenaline on the day to haunt you each month you make the mortgage payment if you overspent by $50k!


For Sale by Private Treaty – Negotiation Advice and Strategy

The sellers’ agent says it’s a great deal at this price but what is it really worth? If this sounds like where you’re at, then STOP and don’t say another word to the agent and call us now. If you have met the Sellers Agent already and shown interest, then when a 3rd party tries to negotiate, they have already seen your cards. The more they know you like it, the less likely they think about dropping the price. We keep everything confidential while negotiating.

We will do a review of and advise a market appraisal for the property. This will give a good guide as to how realistic the asking price is. From there we will come up with a strategy to secure the property at the best possible price.

What is it worth?

Like I said, these services are excellent value if for the only reason they stop you overpaying thousands due to high emotions.

Market Review & Negotiation $900+gst.          Success Fee: 0.7%+gst
Market Review & Auction Bidding $900+gst.          Success Fee: $500+gst
There is no other hidden fee. No % commission is charged on a successful auction. These prices are for one property only. If the auction is unsuccessful, any subsequent auction attendances are offered at 50% of the above.