Buyers Agent Fees

Our Buyers Agent fees represent great value, considering the costs they help you to avoid. Primarily you will avoid overpaying for property because we will advise you of the realistic market value. This can save you thousands of dollars in itself. Secondly, we will help focus your property search to suburbs you can afford and that will best suit your lifestyle. This can save you months of time in searching and frustration. If you buy in the right location now, you can save the $50-100k in moving costs in a few years time. Finally, you will avoid any misinformation and bias from the sellers real estate agent, who is only there to get the highest price for their client, not help you.

Our number 1 priority is YOU. We are committed to finding you a property that meets your brief, saving you Time, Money and Stress. We aim to find a property that meets our clients brief  within the desired time and budget and negotiate the best terms to secure the property. We do not take commissions or fees from Sellers or developers so you can be assured there is no bias when searching or negotiating.

If you have something specific in mind and would like to see what we think, we can consult on the phone or in writing for $200+gst/hr. 

If you are looking for commercial property, development sites or a business, or if the property is outside the Sunshine Coast region, we are happy to negotiate a fee based on your needs.

Market Review only service fees

If you have already found your perfect property, we can review the market value of the property and help take the emotion out of the deal so you don’t overpay. This service is $200+gst/hr. As a guide 1 suburb and 1 property type will take approximately 3-4hrs to do a complete report.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask us and we will be happy to clarify for you.