How to get the edge over other property buyers

I don’t want to sound old, but way back then, a buyer would go to the local agents office, browse the window cards and come inside if there was something of interest. We’d both get in the car and spend the next couple of hours driving around and visiting all of the properties they liked the look of or may be suitable.


The problem for the buyer was that I’d be showing only the stock that I had and if they wanted to see someone elses’, they’d go to their office and go through the same process. But while the buyers needs were taken in to account, at the end of the day, the focus was on sales. As an agent, you would be aiming to sell them one of your properties.


Now that the property search has shifted to the internet, it’s given the buyer a much quicker path to finding a property they like. No longer do you have to spend hours looking at one agents stock. You can go straight to the property you like. Its much easier isn’t it … Or is it?


Since you no longer drive to their office, the objective now is to use creative marketing to get you to phone them or attend an open home. At this point they can then find out what you want and see if they can sell some of their other stock to you. But unlike the old days, you’re most likely to hear, “How about you drive past and have a look… or come to the open home on Saturday”.


In a way, it’s gone full circle. Its you who is doing all the work. It saves the agent time driving you around. The second issue is that now, every other buyer has the same information as you. The only thing that can put you ahead of the pack is being better at research or knowing where to look.


Since Sellers agents aren’t likely to provide you with that extra edge, that’s why you need us. Buying property is our job. Researching is what we do best. I can do this all day every day – not just nights or weekends. That gives us the edge. Whatever it is you want, we can find it.


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