Sellers Agent so frustrating, I had to laugh!


Today I had a phone call from a young sales agent in Brisbane I’d never met. She was asking me about a property that I had recently inspected and if I was still in the market to buy. The property I inspected was a unit 15 minutes from the city. It was nothing special, just having a look at the area to see how it rated as an investment idea. And it far from added up, but that’s another story…

You may be thinking, what’s funny about a phone call from an agent? Well I’ll tell you.

The agent who phoned wasn’t the agent who I met when I visited the property so after I figured out who she was and which property she was referring to – I remembered when I saw this – it was 6 months ago!

So the conversation went more like…

Me – Why do you want to know if I am still in the market?

Agent – I have you on my database and I am doing a follow up call.

Me – Do you have a note as to when I looked at that property?

Agent – Umm…

Me – Well I remember the property and I’m surprised that you suddenly care after 6 months have passed if I am in the market when I didn’t receive any follow up call at the time I looked.

Agent  – I’m sorry, I did not know that…

Me – Thanks for your time, but if your follow up had been more timely, I might have had an interest in talking to you. Now I know how poor your customer service is, what makes you think I would even consider talking to anyone from your business?

Agent – I will pass on the feedback to our Principal for you.


This is a similar story to many phone calls I’ve had over the years. The difference here is that this person actually did return the call, (even if it took this long), which has put her ahead of many others who I never heard from.

As a buyer, this indifference to your needs is frustrating. Especially if you really do have an interest in the property and don’t have the time to waste chasing up agents who don’t want your business.

We want your business and we will chase up these agents to get what the property want on your behalf.

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