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Sunshine Coast Real Estate Top 5 Suburb Charts

Over the past 3 years the Sunshine Coast has shown a group of suburbs to be clear winners in the median price data. Sunshine Beach at the northern end of the coast has maintained its lead as the most expensive suburb on the Sunshine Coast, as it has for 15years. While it is the beachside suburbs that are generally the most expensive, rounding out the top 10 are the acreage suburbs of Tanawha and Mons.

The Sunshine Coast is still an extremely affordable property market with the overall median house price for 2016 sitting at $550,000.

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Sunshine Coast Real Estate Top 5 Suburb Charts

Houses - Highest Median Price

LocalityMedian Price3 yr +/- %
SUNSHINE BEACH1,077,50011%
SHELLY BEACH872,00040%

Here’s a few of the more affordable suburbs on the Sunshine Coast


Unlike many regions of the country, a property priced at $500,000 or lower is still accessible in close proximity to the beach, the Maroochydore CBD and all necessary amenities.

You are also able to access all property styles from beachside suburbs to small acreage around this price bracket.

views from mount coolum sunshine coast towards Maroochydore and Mooloolaba

Sunshine Coast Real Estate

Houses - Current Growth Cycle

Top 5 Suburbs 3 year growth (2016 vs. 2013)
(>50 sales in the suburb)

Suburb Median Growth
Locality 2013 2016 3 yr +/- %
COOLUM BEACH 438,000 578,000 32%
WOOMBYE 387,500 511,000 32%
MOUNT COOLUM 438,000 570,000 30%
GOLDEN BEACH 420,000 545,000 30%
NOOSAVILLE 720,000 932,500 30%
Here are a couple of not so well known smaller high growth suburbs that have performed significantly above average.
Suburb Median Growth
DULONG 415,750 755,000 82%
KIN KIN 310,000 510,000 65%

In this current growth cycle 4 of the 5 best performing suburbs are those with prices around the Sunshine Coast median house price, with the beachside suburbs of Coolum and Mount Coolum being the top performing of the larger suburbs.

Of those with less than 50 sales, Dulong and Kin Kin have out achieved the highest growth. Both are lesser known but have the appeal of offering small acreage properties.

Sunshine Coast Real Estate

Longer Term Growth Cycle

Top 5 Suburbs 15 year Growth (2016 vs. 2001)  (>50 sales in the suburb)

 Suburb MedianGrowth
Locality2001201615 yr +/- %

While the 15year growth in median house prices on the Sunshine Coast region as a whole has been 202%, many suburbs have achieved growth of close to 300%.

For those Sunshine Coast property investors and anyone looking for longer term capital gains, we review the longer term patterns of suburbs that we are considering as appropriate investments. This is also matched with rental price data to ensure you meet your investment goals.

What are the hottest Sunshine Coast suburbs in terms of property sales volumes?

Any review of the Sunshine Coast suburb sales results would not be complete without a mention of Buderim. Buderim is the coast’s largest suburb and has double the sales of the next hottest suburb. With 588 sales for the 2016 year and a median price of $600,000, there is definitely something for everyone. Offering View Properties, to Units, to Townhouses, this suburb has it all, but due to its size it is worth knowing a local!

The final suburb to mention is the new Caloundra West. With 257 sales for 2016 and a median price of $460k, this is the perfect entry level suburb. While it can be a great way for any first home buyers or investors to enter the property market, it is worth having a chat with us first. We may be able to give you some options which might end up with a higher capital growth over the longer term.

* 1. Sunshine Coast property market Source data is based on QLD government property sales records summarised by SC Buyers Agents. 2. Only suburbs with >15 sales are used for the data on this page. 3. All property data presented are based on the key years in the Sunshine Coast Property market cycle. 2001 being the first year of a new growth cycle. 2006 was the end of this cycle and 2013 began the current new growth cycle.