Moving to Sunshine Coast

Buyers Moving to the Sunshine Coast

Maybe you’re moving to the Sunshine Coast from interstate or just having a holiday. Either way, everyone asks the question, “how is real estate on the Sunshine Coast so much cheaper than where I’m from?” After spending a few days researching the Sunshine Coast property market, you find this great little beachside unit. Its only 5 minutes to the airport and it’s under $300,000. Not to mention a rental yield of 5%. Can’t get that in Sydney! So out comes the chequebook and before you know it, the property is yours.

Making the right decision.

The question is, did you get a bargain or did you get ripped off by not having local knowledge of the Sunshine Coast? Have you bought in to an investment that is not going to perform? One of the local Sunshine Coast real estate agents answered this question on facebook the other day. He talks about achieving $300k more for a property by targeting the right buyer.

Targeting the "Right" buyer

Sunshine Coast Real estate agent targeting the right interstate buyer

Who do you think they are talking about? That’s right. It’s you!

The person on holidays or someone just moving from interstate.

But is Sunshine Coast Property a Bargain?

Although prices are lower and it may be a perceived bargain, we still prefer to analyze the property in the context of the Sunshine Coast region before we make a decision. While the region as a whole has great prospects over the next decade, there are many developments that have underperformed since they were built. There is also such a wide range of lifestyle and investment properties that it is worth taking the time to assess all of your options and consider what is right for you.

Get a local perspective.

Having moved from Sydney a number of years ago, we’ve had the chance to get to know the whole region and see the many property markets within the Sunshine Coast region.

We’ve seen some Suburbs do extremely well and feel that some are overpriced or have limited potential. In the 5years after 2000, the Sunshine Coast had a massive growth phase. However, 2006 to 2012 was flat to going backwards. It is only in the last 2-3years the market is starting to move again.

As a couple of examples;

  • there are some 10year old beachfront units that can be purchased lower now than they sold off the plan as there are still more being built.
  • On the other hand, some waterfront properties are now becoming scarcer as pretty much all the vacant land has been built out. The good news is the prices are still within reach
  • There are also a few major new developments that are attracting more and more people to the region, but the size of the land releases in these areas is likely to mean slower capital growth until the supply of land is exhausted in these and surrounding suburbs
  • Often there is a trade -off between the bigger home/quality of home and location. Trying to satisfy both of these criteria can cost you thousands of dollars and hours spent searching.

We can help you find your dream Sunshine Coast property.

Recent Sunshine Coast sale

How about a newer home, 1,000+m2 block on a quiet street, backing directly onto Sunshine coast waterways? Sold for $812,000.

waterfront properties for sale sunshine coast. If you are searching for waterfront properties for sale on the Sunshine Coast we can help you find waterfront property for sale in Pelican Waters or waterfront property for sale in minyama or waterfront property for sale in noosaville or waterfront property for sale in Maroochydore, sc Buyers Agent Sunshine Coast can help you
Water access for far less than the average Sydney price!

Our service can help find the right property for you. Whether that may be an investment or you’re moving to the Sunshine Coast for the relaxed lifestyle. We know the Sunshine Coast real estate market and which areas are desirable and why.

You get access to the power of our inside information so you get a great property that will suit your needs. Don’t just buy something because of the hype of an agent or marketing campaign. Our local knowledge gained from walking the streets and visiting all of the Sunshine Coast suburbs saves you time. Combining this with our suburb price data , we can negotiate the best price.