Reassessing your current home suitability? There are stages in life that motivate homeowners to consider upgrading the current size of their home. These include:-

  • Addition of children or children growing up
  • Starting a business from home and need the extra space
  • Extended family- grandparents move into their adults children’s home

You have made the decision that you want to upgrade from your current property into something bigger, a better location or simply a change. It may even be that you have increased the equity in your current property and it is now the right time to lock it in and upgrade.

Often there is a trade -off between the bigger home/quality of home and location. Trying to satisfy both of these criteria can cost you thousands of dollars and hours spent searching.

Many buyers start looking on the internet and then plan visiting open homes to find a suitable home. Over many weekends searching and visiting as many homes as possible, buyers can become frazzled and no closer to finding what they want! The features and benefits of each property become blended with the next and confuse the process even more. Not to mention having to deal with real estate agents. Argh!

Another point to keep in mind us that sometimes what you think you need is not what you need. What do I mean by this? The common reason for moving is that you want a bigger and better house. Often the look and style of the house overrides its usability. Our property search checklist helps to find your new suburb by understanding your lifestyle.

If you value your time, are clear on your budget and the type of property you want, SC Buyers Agents can help you. At SC Buyers Agents we are the Sunshine Coast property experts.  Our local experience gained from walking the streets and visiting the suburbs saves you time. This combined with our expert knowledge of Sunshine Coast suburb price data means we can negotiate the best price. The process of buying property is made easier with SC Buyers Agents.